MOSAICO_GEOMETRIE new collection



Archeologies reinterpreted with a fragmented sign for new contemporary spaces; the design tells the story of everyday life with endless walls in search of our roots.

The travel as a memory of popular culture and tradition,
the sign as a distinctive element to elevate social and living spaces,
creative stimulus for new graphic paths,
narration of ancient civilizations to suggest new journeys to rediscover the origins.
The Mosaico collection was born from the observation of ancient places,
reinterprets history with new illustrated signs for their graphic construction,

uses digital technology to make the “design” flexible, variable and suitable for its application in contemporary space.





They deal with architecture, industrial design, graphics, art direction for companies and events. Among their clients AntonioLupi, Biennale di Venezia, De Castelli, De Vecchi Milano 1935, Museo Pecci, Nastro Azzurro, Red Bull Italia, San Pellegrino, Savema, S.Cab, Styl’Editions, Triennale di Milano.
They have won many prizes, among which the Archiproducts Design Award 2022 for Dress_Code collection designer for S.Cab,the Award Edida 2021 for the Borghi collection designed for AntonioLupi, Adi Booth Design Award 2021  for stand Antoniolupi, Nomination Edida 2020 for the Gessati collection designed for AntonioLupi, Adi Booth Design Award 2019 category Research for stand Styl’editions, the Premio Donna del Marmo 2019, Best Communicator Award 2014, the First Prize at the Creativity International Competition “Swiss in Cheese”.
They are involved, in the University area, with open classes, workshops and they cooperate with the “Free University” of Bolzano, the Cried of Milan, the Ied of Florence and Rome; since 2017 they are coordinators and teachers of the first Masters in Design – Innovation and Product for High-Crafts at the IED Florence.