Palazzo Bertazzoli, Bagnolo Mella (Brescia) | 05-27.11.2022


Archives is not just an exhibition of artifacts, it is a repertoire of Lorena’s many collaborations, first through consultancy and then in projects, with women and men who mixed knowledge and crafts with satisfaction, and shared them in a fluid way. Much of her research, based on the Form follows material principle, gravitates to surfaces and colors: in 1991 she had the opportunity to work with Mendini on the Arazzi – Alternative exhibition, of which two beautiful silk-screen printed tapestries in this exhibition are a testimony, by Massimo Giacon,  whom she met in the 1980s in Sottsass’s studio, and by Mendini himself.



Decades later, she responded to Gumdesign’s invitation in the digital wallpaper printing project for Styl’editions, a Stylgraph brand. Here the art of Massimo Giacon appears again, together with the one of Alessandro Guerriero, Maria Christina Hamel, Paolo Ulian, of the Gums and of Lorena herself.