The vital spirit of nature freed by the power of lights, shadows and colors


Styl’editions is proud to present Luigi Piccirillo. An artist who interprets reality through images full of refined insights in which color, shadow and light are combined in an imaginative and highly evocative dialogue with the viewer. In these worlds, the eye and the mind can give up, foreshadowing a reality that blends with dreams.

Styl’editions surfaces enhance these works, which brightly and vividly decorate architectural space.

Who is Luigi Piccirillo?

A person guided, firstly, by curiosity. My education was literary and artistic, but I chose to follow my passion for photography and nature by abandoning words for images.
Indeed, I realized over time that words are a construct we learn over the years and often remain confined within conventional limits of meaning. While images, the sense of harmony and beauty are born with us, are innate and represent, therefore, a form of communication that is more natural, more engaging and immediate.

Luigi Piccirillo tells his work

My work is more influenced by currents of paintings of Impressionism, as well as by traditional photography. In fact, the nature I perceive and I try to represent is not expressed through defined contexts and forms but is made up of fluctuating, vibrant, almost living elements. In this indeterminacy it’s revealed the soul of things, their most authentic essence that is in motion, transformation, continuous change.

Luigi Piccirillo tells about Styl’editions collections

My images in the catalogue are the result of the application of different techniques join together, however, with the intention of deconstructing the material boundaries of the represented things, as if to release their vital spirit. Flamingos emerging from an enveloping blur that dilutes the shapes and diffuses brightness and colour. Wildflowers that a long freehand exposure makes it vibrate like a visual sound or, again, daisies cradled by the wind soaked in shadows and light that diversify their colours and draw natural patterns on their trails as on a painter’s palette.

Luigi Piccirillo and the experience with wallpaper; what does it mean to translate on a large scale your idea – dedicated to living space and reproduced by series

Styl’editions wallpaper with its unconventional connotation, its research for emotional contents that focus on colour and essentiality, innovative and surprising shapes, I find lends itself in ideal matter to the representation of emotional suggestions. Wallcoverings embrace without limiting and welcome without closing. The living space appears dilatated, enriched by elements that guide the eye beyond the space. The large dimension enhances the space of the rooms, allows us to appreciate the idea represented in the harmonious fullness of its whole..”

Luigi Piccirillo

Evanescenze in rosa / Armonie di forme incerte / Stelle di terra

The photographic representation that I prefer and that generates deep and lasting emotions in me, is represented by “motion”. Perhaps it is because of its ability to synthesise the flow of time which is realized in the sense of movement enclosed in a single frame, perhaps it is because movement appears to me as the irrepressible longing of life itself, the visible demonstration of a sort of ‘vital aura’ of the things represented. In the imperfect and imprecise form of a ‘movement’ I perceive a sort of familiarity in which all our imperfection resides. The representation of the indefinite, with its oscillating and ethereal forms, with its fluctuating temporal dimension where everything is presence and absence at the same time, creates the illusion of infinity. It is a kind of representable, conceivable infinity. And it preserves its mystery untouched.