The geometry of beauty

“I just see beauty. And beauty is beauty whether it is a beautiful sack or a beautiful cellotex or a beautiful wood or iron or whatever. It is the same.”
Alberto Burri (1915 – 1995)



With Styl’editions geometric and materic graphics, walls become sculptures you can touch. Light and shadow make the architectural surface alive and dynamic. Curved shapes, angles, lines dance in elegant geometric patterns. The refined sign enhances colours and materials.

The constant research of our workshop focus on the creation of materials that can give new life to living spaces. Decorations with geometric subjects are always embellished with details that combine perfectly with all Styl’editions surfaces.



As in a musical score, the colours are notes marked by the interlacing of a refined design. Transparencies, opacities, harmonies give a strong sense of materiality to the observer. Some decorations have a strong character outlined by marked shadows, others are a sober synthesis of glazes, folds, overlays and colour combinations that maintain a lively tenor.